Thomas Ciufo


pdf of slides from presentation (without audio / video files)
(presented at Ecomusics & Ecomusicologies 2014)

acoustic ecology / sound art honors class web site

acoustic ecology related resources

world forum for acoustic ecology
soundscape: the journal of acoustic ecology
the acoustic ecology institute
journal of sonic studies
acoustic ecology news site
sustainable music research blog (by jeff titon)
soundscape explorations (video site related to AE)
sonic research studio (simon fraser university)
handbook for acoustic ecology (truax)

education related resources
teaching video murray schafer 1969
music creativity through technology (reaching the other 80%)
developing a child's sense of place (curriculum for ages 5-7)
chicago arts partnerships in education (some interesting / novel approaches)
music education and creative thinking in music (annotated bibliography, peter webster)

listening resources
sounds archive of experimental music and sound art
UBU web: sound
quiet american

technology related resources
a beginners guide to field recording
field recording and other info from the quiet american site
more info on field recording - includes equipment announcements
free online music tech book (hass)
digital sound and music - another free online book (burg, romey, schwartz)
intro to sound recording and editing (resource meta page)
a bunch of music tech stuff you might want to know about... (resource meta-meta page)

individuals referenced in the talk
pauline oliveros
deep listening institute
r. murray schafer
collection of books by schafer
barry truax
hildegard westerkamp
david dunn
steven feld
meta list of soundscape related artists and organizations
field recording and sound art - another eclectic list of links

*selected bibliography

ideas / suggestions / dialogue ?
write to: tc at ciufo dot org