Technology Resources for Musicians    

basic recording
a good web site for basic acoustics and digital audio fundamentals

recording on smart phones (limited frequency response / usually mono recording)
some basic smart phone recording tips are here
a good iPhone app for recording +a stereo mic for iPhone + more mics for the iphone / ipad
a bunch of audio apps for android are here

other recording options
USB microphones are here + a stereo USB microphone is here
portable flash recorders at various price points: for 100.00 -- for 250.00 -- for 650.00 -- for lots...
Towson recording studio - info is here

basic audio editing
freeware - audacity (mac, windows, linux)
more free editors listed here
cheapware - fission (mac) -- sound forge studio (pc)
a review of audio editing software for the mac is here

audacity manual is online here - it is also installed with the program
detailed audacity tutorials are here and a list of helpful tips are here
file formats in audacity: AIFF, AU, FLAC, MP2, MP3, OGG Vorbis and WAV. On Mac OS X,
Audacity as shipped can also import Apple formats like M4A (AAC) and MOV.

editing tutorial / demo
import and play
basic editing (cut, copy paste, trim)
saving projects and audacity project info
exporting audio
mp3 conversion (in audacity - requires the LAME mp3 encoder)
mp3 conversion using itunes

DAW / sequencing software / hardware (digital audio workstation - for more complex audio production)
garageband (mac) -- included w/ mac computers
reaper (mac / pc) -- free trials, then 60.00 -- available in our computer lab
logic pro -- (mac) 200.00 -- logic logic express available in our computer lab
protools -- (mac / pc) 300.00 -- 4 licenses available in our computer lab
ableton live (mac / pc) various price levels starting at 100.00
audio interface -- various prices starting at about 100.00

headphone info is here

sharing tools
soundcloud -- sound
bandcamp - music, including music for sale
wordpress / blogger -- free blogs / web hosts
dropbox -- personal file storage and synchronization

learning resources
create digital music -- music technology blog
sound on sound -- audio recording magazine with tutorials
emusician -- electronic music / music technology magazine
open courses from --coursera -- Udacity -- edX -- MIT open courseware
a bunch of additional free online educational resources

TU technology related courses
114 -- music technology in american society
116 - song writing - basic composition for non majors
206 - computer music performance / instrument design
282 - creative music technology (coming soon)
382 / 482 - recording techniques 1 and 2
honr 370 - acoustic ecology and sound art
honr 370 - engaging audio and video possibilities through software
music technology master class series
private lessons? - me + prof. Kleinsasser