Technology Resources for Musicians    

basic recording
on smart phones (limited frequency response / usually mono recording)
good iPhone app for recording + stereo mic for iPhone
portable flash recorders: for 100.00 -- for 250.00 -- for 800.00
Towson recording studio - info is here

basic editing
freeware - audacity (mac, windows, linux) -- music editor free (pc) -- more free editors listed here
cheapware - fission (mac) -- sound forge studio (pc)
a review of audio editing software for the mac is here

DAW / sequencing (digital audio workstation)
garageband (mac) -- included w/ mac computers
reaper (mac / pc) -- free trials, then 60.00 -- available in our computer lab
logic pro -- (mac) 200.00 -- logic logic express available in our computer lab
protools -- (mac / pc) 300.00 -- 4 licenses available in our computer lab
ableton live (mac / pc) various price levels starting at 100.00
audio interface -- various prices starting at about 100.00

headphone info is here

in DAW software -- see above
noteflight -- in the browser
musescore (mac / pc) -- free
finale notepad (mac / pc) -- free
finale (mac / pc) -- 350.00 academic discount -- comparison of finale versions is here -- pricing for different versions is here -- finale is in our lab
sibelius -- (mac/pc) -- 299.00 academic discount or 8.25 per month - pricing info is here -- we have a few copies of sibelius in our lab
check out this site if you are interested in alternative music notation systems
list of software supporting musicXML
additional music notation resources
(click on chapter 16)

other music software
info for computer-assisted instruction (click on chapter 17) in music (theory / ear training / form and analysis / history and so on)
google chrome music lab
various freeware - spear (analysis / resynthesis) soundhack (name says it all) interesting sound analyzer / visualizer
PD -- a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing
max -- used to to create unique sounds, visuals, and interactive media -- ten licenses in out lab
another list of music related software

technology in performance (big topic... more to come)
you could read this short article on live electronic music performance
or this longer article on interactivity and live computer music
check out laetitia sonami -- mostly robots -- the princeton laptop orchestra -- or check out some of my live performance work
read about sensor technologies for computer instruments -- open source electronics platform called arduino

hearing health
a very simple fact sheet about noised-induced hearing loss
a bunch of good info here
more info at H.E.A.R
two good options for hearing protections -- inexpensive earplugs -- custom earplugs
the impressions for the custom earplugs above can be made through the Institute for Well-Being
TU - provides the following audiology services

streaming sites / music listening
from the towson library music gateway -- (naxos / smithsonian global sound / naxos jazz) -- scroll down to 'streaming audio'
pandora - the music genome / personalized radio -- sounds like...
on-demand -- Apple Music -- spotify -- many others...

sharing tools
soundcloud -- sound
vimeo -- video
bandcamp - music, including music for sale
wordpress / blogger -- free blogs / web hosts
xmarks / delicious -- book marking
flickr -- pictures
scribd / google books -- online library
evernote -- everything...
dropbox -- personal file storage and synchronization
doodle -- online meeting scheduler
linked in -- professional networking
more web 2.0 resources for students / teachers

create digital music -- music technology blog
sound on sound -- audio recording magazine with tutorials
emusician -- electronic music / music technology magazine
Kadenze web based courses in art and creative media technologies
open courses from -- coursera -- Udacity -- edX -- MIT open courseware
a bunch of additional free online educational resources

TU technology related courses
114 -- music technology in american society
116 - song writing - basic composition for non majors
287 - creative music technology (coming soon)
382 / 482 - recording techniques 1 and 2
honr 370 - acoustic ecology and sound art
music technology master class series
private lessons? - me + prof. Kleinsasser

more to come...
crowd funding?
software for tablets and smart phones?
digital video / multimedia?
acoustic ecology?
sounds studies?