Course Schedule ---
*in progress and subject to change - please check back often
Major changes will be announced in class

Week 1 - Jan 30: Introduction to the Course

course introduction, description, logistics (lab tour, web site, blog)
read: Wrightson, Intro to Acoustic Ecology
browse: Basic ecology review (as needed) resources here (browse ch 1-2)
or here (browse for key terms)

in class: Intro to critical listening + Oliveros exercise + listening session
in class tech: Hardware / software intro
in class: blog sign up

course start up -
---> fill out this questionnaire * this needs to be emailed to me by 2/3
---> join the course blog. We will do this in class
to post, you will need to get a user name by joining word press here (you do not need to make a new blog, just get a username - please use your first name as part of your user name).
once you do this, I can give you editorial access.
the wordpress support page is here.
you will need to post a reading response to the blog prior to the next class.
please post by 3pm on tuesdays.
** Additional info about the blog and posting is here

Week 2 - Feb 6: Introduction to Acoustic Ecology

read: Schafer, The Music of the Environment
read: Westercamp, Soundwalking
browse: additional references for this weeks readings are here
do: go on at least one soundwalk - maybe post to the blog about it?
tech reading - please browse this online acoustics book, chapter one, sections 1-6
listen: start listening to these materials (focus on the first section)
in class: acoustics, digitization and file types + listening session
Introduction to field recording + demonstration of tascam audio recorders
online manual for recorder is here

Week 3 - Feb 13: Acoustic Ecology - Part 2

read: David Michael, Toward a Dark Nature Recording
read (optional): Andrea McCartney, what is a sound ecologist to do? + electroacoustic ecology
browse: recording in the field, from Quiet American
do: listen to some of the Quiet American field recordings or discography
(use navigation interface on the top of the page - either map or disc covers)
do: continue listening to these materials
do: record at least one soundwalk or particular location
tech reading: online acoustics book, chapter one, sections 7-16
in class: psychoacoustics and hearing + listening session + listen to your field recordings advanced field recording techniques + intro to audio software

Week 4 - Feb 20: Historical Background - Sonic Art and Electroacoustic Music

read: Cage, The Future of Music and Experimental Music (Kim / Josh)
read: Gibbs, Origins and Developments
browse: additional references for this article are here
browse: this timeline
watch / listen: to these materials
tech reading - if you are ok w/ manuals, try browsing the first part of this intro: 'Exploring Logic Express' - available here
in class: More acoustics / psychoacoustics
Basic audio editing and uploading to SoundCloud (sign up for a free account here)
Project 1A due - field recording posted on SoundCloud by end of class
(please come to class with audio files on your recorders or flash drives / hard drives)

Week 5 - Feb 27: Acoustic Ecology and Soundscape Composition

read: Westercamp, Linking Soundscape Composition and Acoustic Ecology (Ashley / Melissa)
read - optional: Truax, Soundscape Composition as Global Music
listen: continue listening / revisit these materials (focus on second section)
in class: advanced editing, layering, and processing + listening session
Project 1B due - continue recording and upload another field recording to SoundCloud
listen to each others recordings and add comments to soundcloud and / or the blog

Week 6 - Mar 6: Music and its Others: (New) Approaches to Sound Making

read: Dunn, Acoustic Ecology and the Experimental Music Tradition (Emily / Dominique)
write: graded reading response to Dunn article - send to me via email (by tuesday @ noon)
in class: mixing, automation, and final production + export review
graded work in progress reviews

Week 7 - Mar 13: Project 1C Presentation - Soundscape Composition

Present projects in class, listen and discuss
Discuss creative project 2 - sound transformation / recontextualization...

Week 8 - Mar 20: Spring Break - no class

Week 9 - Mar 27: Compositional Process / Process Composition

read: Toop, The Generation Game: Experimental Music and Digital Culture (Shoshana / Chad)
listen: listen to these materials
in class: sound processing in Logic + max/msp introduction
work on project 2

Week10 - Apr 3: Noise, Glitch and the Aesthetics of Failure

read: Cascone, The Aesthetics of Failure (Emma / Jeremy / Sarah)
listen: listen to these materials
in class: + soundhack and spear demo + project work

Week11 - Apr 10: Sound Art / Installation

read: Licht, Sound Art: Origins, Development and Ambiguities
optional - read: Schulz, intro from Resonances, Aspects of Sound Art
view: works by Lucier, Amacher, Lockwood, Decker, Osborn, Kubisch
in class: tech (as needed for projects) + graded work in progress reviews

Week12 - Apr 17:
Project 2 Presentation

Present projects in class, listen and discuss
discuss final projects - start on project proposals

Week13 - Apr 24 - Sound / Art / Research / Activism

read / listen: Soundscape Art in Scientific Presentations - Jim Cummings
or - read more broadly from Soundscape Journal - winter 2007
more processing / mixing in logic express
in class: final project proposal (draft) due (proposal info is here) post to blog
work on final project

Week14 - May 1: Project Work Session

work on your final projects + project proposals (final) due (proposal info is here)
please post project proposal (final version) to the blog prior to class
optional / recommended reading: Redström, Is Acoustic Ecology About Ecology?
optional read: Deruty, How the Ear Works - and Why it Matters
inc lass: one on one meetings to discuss projects + open lab time
tech: as needed for projects

week15 - May 8: More Listening + Final Project Work Session

read: Deep Listening (intro) -by Pauline Oliveros
write: please write a personal reflection on this reading
email it directly to me (by monday @ noon)
group listening session: bring in pieces you want to listen to!
work on final projects
work in progress reviews (graded)
tech: mixing and mastering

Final Project Presentations - Monday, May 20th - 3-5 (maybe longer?)

Present projects in class, listen and discuss